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Killing me softly with his song – inside another BHP Annual General Meeting

November 27, 2012


BHP Billiton ‘Dirty Deeds’ done dirt cheap

BHP are holding their Annual General Meeting of shareholders at 10:30am on the 29th of November in Sydney..

Come stand in solidarity with uncle Kevin Buzzacott keeper of Lake Eyre & Arabunna Elder, Peter Watts Arabunna man, Edwin Mejia Columbian unionist against operations at BHP Billitons 33% owned Cerrejon mine and all the campaigners and activists stronlgy opposed to BHP operations accross the globe. The time to act is now, please circulate widely through your networks.

Post Lizards Revenge in July
In August BHP Billiton canned the Olympic Dam expansion, but since then they have been busy negotiating with the South Australian Government about having the indenture agreement extended on the mine

They are also looking now into expanding Olympic Dam by using a method of mining known, as heap leach mining. It seems they may not even have to produce a seperate Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for this type of operation.

Once again BHP Billiton say jump and the Government says how high.

BHP Billiton are the largest mining company in the world, worth over $160 billion according to its own annual report. It has operations in every continent except the Antarctica.
Within its portfolio of resource extraction it produced over 222 million barrels of oil in the 2011/12 financial year. Some of that is from dangerous deep sea drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the sort of operation that led to the massive BP oil spill in May 2010. It also produces coal over 100 million tonnes of it in the past year . and 3,885 tonnes of uranium. Its products make a massive contribution to destructive climate change and to the profound WMD proliferation and safety risks associated with the
nuclear fuel cycle.
BHP Billiton profits billions of dollars annually from resourcing the dirty energy sector with uranium, coal, oil & CSG. They are bigger than the Australian Government and we need your help to STOP BHP Billiton!
For more information visit  and to follow on twitter @stopBHPBilliton
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