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Protest BHP’s AGM- 16th November – Uranium is a bad investment

September 17, 2010

Tell BHP Billiton Uranium mining is bad investment!

In 2006 BHP Billiton bought up Western Mining Corporation and with it their uranium mine assets at Olympic Dam in South Australia and Yeelirrie in Western Australia. Since then people around Australia an internationally have been calling on BHP to back out of uranium, an expensive, toxic industry which produces radioactive waste and weapons usable material.
Uranium mining is different, uranium is radioactive and mines leave behind radioactive tailings on country. Uranium is the beginning of the nuclear chain which at each stage, uses up clean water, produces CO2 emissions, and produces radioactive wastes. Nuclear wastes and depleted uranium are also implicated in the production of Depleted uranium munitions and nuclear weapons.

Tell BHP Billiton and their shareholders uranium mining is a bad investment.

Across the globe from uranium mines to coal, nickel and copper BHP have a trail of bad human rights records, poor working conditions for workers, environmental damage and dodging responsibilities. Come along to the BHP Annual General Meeting and find out more about BHP Billitons record and dish out a spoonful of corporate responsibility to world’s largest diversified resources company.

“Here you are, BHP, the biggest mining company in the world, and here we are the oldest peoples in the world. You should be listening to us about this land and the water. BHP, don’t go ahead with the expansion, we all know how dan­gerous it is. We don’t know if you shareholders understand the impacts of what you’re doing to the Arabunna people, the Kokatha peo­ple and other tribes around that area. You don’t understand what you’re doing to the land and the culture.” Uncle Kevin Buzzacott, an Arabunna Elder from Lake Eyre South, South Australia.

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  1. ***** permalink*
    September 23, 2010 2:08 am

    the 16th is the day of the AGM and the protest

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